Decoding Destiny Through The King’s Numerology

A code is a system of structural communication. The Genetic code houses DNA secrets of life. The Periodic Table houses the codes of all known 118 chemical elements and their atomic structures. Morse code transmits textual information through a series of dots and dashes expressed by either sound, light, taps or clicks. There is the Universal Product Code, a system of bar codes designating product prices and features. Vehicle parts have codes, cities have building codes and so forth. But what about destiny? Does it house a secret structure of communication, a Code of Destiny? If so, can that code be broken? The answer is, yes.

To decode something is to extract its meaning. Our destinies have a definite code, and the secret to breaking that code is to understand the components of our full birth name and birth date, the letters and numbers creating them, as well as their varying combinations.

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